Serra das Paridas

A trip which is totally different from the other tourist attractions in the Parque Nacional da Chapada Diamantina, is to the Serra das Paridas. It takes you back to the beginnings of time, to the caves. The archaeological centre is found close to Lençóis, is made up of 18 sítes and proudly presents thousands of prints which represent animals, people and geometric figures. The name Serra das Paridas is the name of one of these figures – a squatting woman, which represents birth. The drawings discovered in the Serra das Paridas cover an array of different and interesting designs including prehistoric animals.
The Serra das Paridas in the Chapada Diamantina was discovered in 2005 by fruit pickers (mangabas) after a forest fire in the region. Since then, thousands of drawings have been discovered, standing the test of time as well as difficult weather conditions. The colours of the drawings in the Serra das Paridas originate from mineral pigments such as manganese and iron oxide. The paintings are found on the enormous rocks which are spread about the complex of the Serra das Paridas in the Chapada da Diamantina.
To get to the Serra das Paridas you go via Lençóis and access is relatively easy. The centre is situated about 36 km from the town of Lençóis which is a road drive of about an hour.

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