Cachoeira da Primavera

Below the waterfall, Cachoeirinha, there is another of the Chapada Diamantina’s beautiful waterfalls, the Cachoeira da Primavera. Nestled between rocks, this waterfall has a free fall of an average of 6m in height, and is formed by the stream known as Grisante, a tributary of the Rio Lençóis. An excellent way to enjoy the Cachoeira da Primavera is to stand under the falling water to give a wonderful massaging effect.
The Cachoeira da Primavera also has access to an observation point, overlooking the Parque Serrano in the Chapada da Diamantina,and where you can admire an incredible view of the region’s valley as well as the town of Lençóis. The banks of the Cachoeira da Primavera are made from sand banks and these serve as access to many other tours and trips.
To get to this popular tourist attraction in the Parque Nacional da Chapada Diamantina, the tour leaves from the town of Lençóis and takes around 40m – with a distance of about 2km.

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