Commerce and Services

The main tourist services in Lençóis, such as shops, restaurants and bars, are found in the town centre, close to the main town square – the Praça Horácio de Matos.

Lençóis has a good infrastructure for tourists with a whole range of pousadas, hotels and basic tourist services. Although most of the shops, restaurants and hotels/pousadas accept credit cards, it is useful to have some money to hand as well as they are not 100% reliable. Lençóis has access to money via an agency of the Banco do Brasil and posts of the bank Bradesco, as well as the Caixa Econômica Federal. There isn’t a Banco 24 Horas, the nearest being in the town of Itaberaba, about 130 km from the town of Lençóis. There is a post office (Correio) and a hospital in the centre of Lençóis.
There is a diverse choice of food in Lençóis and menus include both typical food from Bahia, as well as a range of international food. There are culinary options from a variety of countries, with some excellent Italian, Arabic and Thai restaurants. The typical food from the Chapada Diamantina region includes the famous ‘Arroz de garimpeiro’ (rice with a mixture of meats and cashew nuts), ‘Godó de banana’ (a stew made from green banana) and the ‘Cortado de palma’ (picadinho de cacto) which is chopped palm.

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