Gruta da Pratinha

The Gruta da Pratinha is found in the ‘fazenda’ (ranch) which has the same name, close to the area of Iraquara – an area within the Chapada Diamantina which is famous for it’s beautiful caves. The Prattinha has the world’s clearest waters and is hidden amongst the roots of the ranch’s trees.
The Gruta da Pratinha is linked to the river Rio Pratinha which has a beautiful tone of colour. The concentration of limestone at the bottom of the river which turns the water a mixture of colours between green, blue and silver. The natural pool in the Gruta da Pratinha is ideal for a swim and visitors get a diving mask when entering the cave. The beautiful colour of the water in the natural pool contrasts beautifully with the darkness of the cave. The Gruta da Pratinha is linked to the Gruta Azul.

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