Ribeirão do Meio

Another one of the attractions close to the town of Lençóis, in the Chapada Diamantina, the Ribeirão do Meio is a tourist spot that shouldn’t be missed. The Ribeirão do Meio is found 3.5km from the centre of Lençóis and can be reached after a 45 minute walk.
It is easy to get to and guaranteed fun for both children and adults. The main attraction of the Ribeirão do Meio is the natural stone slide which leads directly into clear and refreshing waters. The slide of the Ribeirão do Meio in the Chapada da Diamantina is also known locally as “Rala Bunda” (Scraped or Grazed Backside) and it’s water flow into the Ribeirão de Baixo.
The trail has stones which helps you to not get lost along the way, and as the walk is relatively easy, you don’t need a Chapada Diamantina guide.

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