Lençóis – Rio Roncador

The walk to the Rio Roncador in the Chapada Diamantina is perfect for those who enjoy tranquility, calm and for those who appreciate contact with nature and the local community. The beginning of the trek to the Rio Roncador, which is in the Parque Nacional da Chapada Diamantina leaves Lençóis by car, going to Vila do Remanso – where you can also start trips to Marimbus. You then begin the descent down the river Santo Antônio by canoe to the river Roncador.
The river Roncador is a real sanctuary with natural pools and waterfalls and is the perfect place to relax in the water. As well as a peaceful bathe in the waters of the river Roncador, this trip is also great for getting some wonderful photos of what the Chapada Diamantina has to offer, with a plethora of examples of the fauna and flora of the region. In addition to this, the river Roncador crosses the ancient road – the Estrada Velha do Garimpo, which is full of mystery and legends.

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