Grutas Lapa Doce

The most famous of the Chapada Diamantina’s caves is the Gruta Lapa Doce. It was discovered in 1986 by a French-Brazilian expedition called the Grupo de Espeleológico do Estado do Ceará. In that period, the cave was thought to be the largest in Brazil. The cave is in the region of Iraquara and is different from many of the other caves as it airy and mostly flat.
The Gruta Lapa Doce covers an area of 20 km, with an area of 850m open to the public. The biggest space within the cave is 60m wide and the entrance to the Lapa Doce is 72m high. Entrance to the Gruta da Lapa Doce is allowed in small groups, with a maximum of 12 people, and to get to the cave you go via the BA-122.

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