Gruta Azul

Found in the Pratinha Chapada Diamantina – where you can also find the Gruta Pratinha, the Gruta Azul takes it’s name from the impressive clarity of it’s water. At certain times of the day – between 2pm and 3pm in April to September, the sun’s beams shine through an opening in the rock, turning the water an incredible shade of blue.
The Gruta Azul in the Chapada Diamantina has only a small visiting area, but’s depth is around 70m, and is certainly, of all of the caves within the Chapada Diamantina, the one which attracts the most attention. The reason is the phenomenon of the solar refraction which invades the cave and makes the water turn this jaw-dropping shade of blue.
Swimming and diving with the Gruta Azul are not allowed but even so, the cave is an awesome attraction of the Parque Nacional da Chapada Diamantina, situated within the Fazenda Pratinha. It is definitely worth taking a trip to see this spectacular feat of nature and taking some beautiful photos of the Chapada Diamantina whilst you are there.

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