The Parque Municipal do Serrano is one of the most visited attractions in the town of Lençóis and is where you will find a whole variety of tourist points such as the Salão de Areias Coloridas, the natural pools which are also known as the Caldeirões, the waterfalls Primavera and Cachoeirinha, the Poço Halley and a look out point. To get to the Parque Serrano in the Chapada Diamantina, you take a 15 minute walk from the centre of the town of Lençóis.
The first point of natural beauty in the Serrano are the Caldeirões, the mining site in which Lençóis’s first diamond was found. The natural pools of the Serrano are formed from the rocks and can go from being shallow to about 4m in depth. Although the water is dark, it is still clean and perfect for a refreshing bathe, or a relaxing natural massage in the small waterfalls. The Caldeirões of the Serrano are so famous that they are regularly used in scenes in TV and films. It is also a great place for those who enjoy more adventurous pursuits such as climbing and abseiling.
Going on from the natural pools, the walk through the Parque do Serrano reveals other beauties such as the Salão de Areias Coloridas, the Poço Halley, the waterfalls Cachoeirinha and the Cachoeira da Primavera, and at the end of the trail through the Serrano, a look out point which gives a wonderful panoramic view across the region of the Chapada Diamantina.

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