Tour of the Gruta do Lapão

The Gruta do Lapão is considered to be the second biggest Quartzite cave in Brazil and is situated about 5km from Lençóis. To get to this cave in the Chapada Diamantina, Bahia, you have an hour and a half walk from the centre of Lençois. If you prefer, however, you can go by car to the entrance to the Gruta do Lapão, with a height of 50m.
The crossing of the cave can take up to two hours, depending on your personal speed, and it is a route which is considered to be of moderate difficulty and with some challenging parts. The rooms of the Gruta do Lapão reveal ancient excavations, fallen rocks, and cave formations made from quartzite. The most incredible part of the tour of the Gruta do Lapão, however, is the moment when everyone turns off their lights and whole cave is plunged into complete darkness. The total blackness of the cave teamed with the sound of the water is absolutely remarkable.
The end of the tour of the Gruta do Lapão takes you to the river – rio Lapão. Here you can go down to the river and have a refreshing bathe in the waterfalls which have been formed by the waters of the river.

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