Poço Azul and Poço Encantado

poço azulPoço Azul and Poço Encantado Tour.
At certain times of year, the sun’s rays cause a natural phenomenon of solar refraction giving the water of these pools a range of different tones of blue. The tour of the Poços Azul and Encantado parts from the town of Lençóis heading towards the south of the Chapada Diamantina. The first stop is the Poço Encantado, a cave which requires little walking and with easy access. Due to it’s crystal clear waters, it is impossible to see where the water begins, but it has a depth of around 60m, and people are not allowed to swim in these waters.
The trip then takes you by car to the edge of the Rio Paraguaçu, where you start a small walk (about 5 mins) to the Poço Azul, a flooded cave. You are allowed to swim or float in this pool. We then stop for lunch and return.

Leaving Time: 8.30am
Arriving Time: 5pm
Difficulty Level: Easy (2 km walk (there and back) + 1 bathe)
Price: R$ 427,68 per person (children under 12yrs not allowed)
Included: Transport, accredited guide, lunch, entrance fee to the poços, insurance and 1 x 500ml bottle of mineral water
What to take: Sunglasses, sun cream, insect repellent, swimwear, hat, camera, sweater, water.

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